Sabbatical for 2014 Season

Unscheduled Sabbatical for 2014 Season

So, there we were planning the future of our racing for 2014 in a newly built Suzuki Ignis Sport (which still isn't finished by the way), yet now I'm officially announcing that I will be taking a back seat once again from competitive racing full stop in 2014.

Why? Well I'm honoured and delighted to announce that my fiancee Heather and I are expecting and my first born will join our expanding family sometime in October of this year.

With this in mind, I've promised and committed to Heather to focus on her and the family during her pregnancy and the last thing we need is additional stress, frustrations and time away with me racing.

We are already go through some business-related changes having merged my successful Profinity Media web and digital marketing business into a nationwide corporate entitled 22PointSix Technology, so between these two things I'm already more than occupied!

I will be making a return to competitive racing and am still under agreement with Grant Motorsport so watch this space!

Published on Wednesday, Mar 12, 2014 by Antony Weeks

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