Surprise Class Win in Radical Debut

Win in Debut of the CCRC Sports Racing Series

OK so 2014 is supposed to be a sabbatical for my on-track endeavours, but when a opportunity to get out on track in a turbocharged, Suzuki Hayabusa-powered Radical ProSport drops in your lap you're hardly going to turn it away!

Grant Motorsport and Dave Scaramanga jointly own this 380bhp turbocharged, slick-tyre shod aerodynamic beauty - yet neither of them have got behind the wheel! To help understand the car and their options with it for the rest of the year, I was offered the chance to take it round Castle Combe during one of the 5 Sports Racing Series races. These do not form part of a Championship, so I would have the opportunity to fight it out for Class A and ultimately race win honours in what would be one of the highest power outputs cars in the race.


Ok - so as usual and despite best intentions, I didn't get the opportunity to drive the car any distant prior to qualifying, and with early morning scrutineering - not even in the paddock. What we did learn quite quickly however was that my seating position was, as usual, too far back and reaching the pedals was near impossible. With a brake pad literally gaffa-taped to the brake pedal and some foam behind me, I felt near enough comfortable to get her out on the track.

And what a car any Radical is let alone a turbocharged monster! The acceleration with a bike-powered car is phenomenal - but through in a turbo and you've got some serious neck-snapping equipment and the aero the car generates can be felt everywhere! It was on the entry to Avon Rise at at approximate 150mph that I first realised my chin strap could be tighter as I could feel the aero pulling my helmet off my head as the straps kept me firmly inside the cockpit!

Published on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 by Antony Weeks

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