Unfortunately for marketing traditionalists, the old world of ADV is no longer reaping the rewards that it once did. Whilst consumers are still highly engaged, their behaviours have drastically changed.

More and more businesses around the globe are choosing Sponsorship as their main marketing tool. Sports sponsorship and marketing, in particular, helps companies to find their way through the maze and through the consumers' instinctive defensive mechanism; which is to just switch off.

When effectively managed and combined with existing marketing strategies, sports marketing yields greater levels of return-on-investment whilst promoting one of the largest brand awareness exercises to the sought after ABC1 target demographic.

Why partner with Antony Weeks Racing?

When it comes to marketing and sponsorship activation, I do things differently - and because of my marketing experience and background, I understand marketing from a business perspective - not just as a racing team or driver!

I have owned, run, and managed several businesses over the last 10-15 years. I am a business owner. I am a marketeer.

I understand 'return-on-investment', quantifying marketing spend, impressions and conversion, goals, and acquisitions. I work with tracking and analytics on a daily basis and can work with you to provide a tailored package to suit your requirements.

What I'm looking for?

I'm keen to work with like-minded businesses and individuals who see the benefits of sports marketing, local community support, and networking and are willing to work alongside me in promoting and maximising investments.


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